Posting this on the front page to help writer/submitters get where they need to go.

Fiction and poetry can be submitted via Submishmash. We’re open for business and reading for Emprise 24, due later this summer.

Fiction, review, and general inquiries should be sent to Patrick @ “”

Poetry inquiries should be sent to Tracy @ “”

That’s it. Stay hydrated.

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Contributors Elsewhere

Previous and forthcoming contributor Rion Amilcar Scott edited Specter Magazine‘s Hip Hop Issue.

That’s it. Go read.

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Paris & Pynchon:

In other news, Thomas Pynchon books are now available in e-book formats. Gravity’s Rainbow is 12.99 on the Kindle. Good price? No idea.

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The Yiddish Policemen’s Union

by Michael Chabon

Night is an orange smear over Sitka, a compound of fog and the light of sodium-vapor streetlamps. It has the translucence of onions cooked in chicken fat. The lamps of the Jews stretch from the slope Mount Edgecombe in the west, over the seventy-two infilled islands of the Sound, across the Shvartser-Yam, Halibut Point, South Sitka, and the Nachtasyl, across Harkavy and the Untershtot, before they are snuffed in the east by Baranof range. On Oysshtelung Island, the beacon at the tip of the Safety Pin–sole remnant of the World’s Fair–blinks out its warning to airplanes or yids. Landsman can smell fish offal from the canneries, grease from the fry pits at Pearl of Manila, the spew of taxis, an intoxicating bouquet of fresh hat from Grinspoon’s Felting two blocks away.

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May We Shed These Human Bodies

by Amber Sparks

May We Shed These Human Bodies

Our Fiction Editor has her debut collection of short stories on the way from Curbside Splendor.

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